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Some dishes just taste like home. Unearthing a family recipe for pancit molo has writer Denise Gonsalves thinking about her hometown in Iloilo.
One taste of this quintessential Filipino snack can make a bad day a good one. What's in a cup of taho that makes it so magical?
The soul of Makati’s Poblacion is fired by entrepreneurs and small businesses; what happens when the night out ends?
Nonprofit organization Balyena has spent nearly a decade pursuing humpback whales across the Babuyan Islands, and return to the human communities that call these islands home.
The filmmaker tells us why we need to share more stories like that of the Bontok.
Can a tough bike tour around Palawan put a dent in our resident cyclist's love for his favorite pastime?
The Filipinos’ still-evolving health traditions is unveiled in Quiapo, where the practical mixes with the esoteric, the mundane with the mystical, and the cultural with the scientific.
Negros is an island shaped—literally and figuratively—by sugar, one of the country’s most economically, historically, and culturally significant crops.
Amid Metro Manila’s rush hour traffic, a small group of transport advocates are finding ways to reclaim their space on the road.
Catching fish had always come easy in Bantayan Island, once hailed the Fishing Capital of the Visayas. Until one day, it wasn’t.
A photographer returns home to Sulu after 13 years and rediscovers the heritage of his people through food.
Why aren’t there enough stories about the environment being published? One environmental reporter is taking his training and bringing it to young Filipinos.
Community pantries serve people who suffer from hunger and food insecurity. But is this an initiative meant to last?
Dr. Tj Malvar details how his social enterprise, Gising Gising, is trying to solve food insecurity and improve health conditions.
Blackwater diving offers a glimpse of the world beneath the surface.
Netflix’s Seaspiracy wants the world to stop eating fish in the name of sustainability. But would that really help?
To commemorate Women's Month, a list of our favorite GRID heroines, and the powerful women who wrote them.
Films are more than just a means of escape. Legendary screenwriter Ricky Lee shares his thoughts on the intersection of storytelling, film, and Filipino heritage.
The Litas break motorbike stereotypes and show us how they ride.
Girls Will Code’s founder and CEO shares her thoughts on the future of women in tech.
In honor of the 35th EDSA Day, we ask a long-time history professor at the University of the Philippines to recall his experience of People Power.
In a tropical country, a group of players and fans spend after hours in a mall, making the case for ice hockey.
We ask three leaders from the local fashion industry to help us understand the true meaning of circularity.
Pitbulls are much more than what they're made out to be. CARA Welfare’s Pat Gayod takes us through the mysterious Laguna Pitbull Sanctuary.
This is our 2020 reading list, featuring the people and places we can’t wait to see again, after a year indoors.
Philippine rowing is finally on the come up, thanks to a passionate community who are steering the sport in the right direction.
Just a couple hours away from Metro Manila, the dive hotspot of Anilao is ready to welcome visitors.
While on the road to Anilao, we take a detour through Tagaytay and Taal for GRID’s first trip out after the pandemic. But do we still remember how to travel?
As the tourism industry restarts, it's impossible not to turn to El Nido. What does the future of travel look like for the world’s best island? 
The beautiful shores of Boracay are, once again, open to travelers. But the locals say the road to recovery will need more than a tourism boost.
From the supernatural to the extraordinarily bad, anything can happen on assignment.
In memory of the best tapsilog and coffee he’s ever had, Miguel Nacianceno convinces his friends to join him on a bike ride to remember.
As dining spaces changed, the chefs and cooks of Tahanan Village stayed close to home to serve food to the neighborhood.
Welcome to Coron Island, the ancestral domain of the Tagbanua, and where photographer Terence Angsioco made his escape from Metro Manila.
Filipino Sign Language has existed for hundreds of years. Now, thanks to the local Deaf community, it's finally being recognized.
Books, essays, and critiques about our national heroes, curated and recommended by Filipino historians.
On National Heroes Day, we take a closer look at those we call heroes and why, with the help of Filipino historians.
Shark populations around the world are facing rapid rates of decline. What could that mean for us? Scientist and LAMAVE Project Lead Ariana Agustines talks about local shark conservation, and what travelers can do to help.
The hello’s and how-are-you’s: we check in with our partners to see what they’ve been up to.
We talk to photojournalist Martin San Diego about his experience working in the Bangsamoro region, and what he’s learned from the new generation of Moro youth finding their place in the world.
Filipino astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts are leading the way for space education in the Philippines. Away from the blinding lights of the city, they also find peace in the night sky.
Up north in Baguio, Solana Perez knows how to embrace the wild, having grown up with horses all her life.
Session Groceries, a fledgling company in Baguio, uses technology to take care of Filipino farmers.
The last few weeks have asked to re-evaluate the ways in which we live, and take stock of what truly matters.
The life of a chef isn’t easy. Conversations with some of the Philippines’ best have us more convinced that these are the people who take their work home with them.
Volvo has a reputation for making some of the world’s safest cars. An eventful trip to Batangas puts that rep to the most rigorous test possible.
Can we still earn our tattoos? A trip to Buscalan offers a closer look at traditional tattoo culture and the legendary Kalinga mambabatok Whang-od.
In a small coastal town in Western Visayas, two people take on the gargantuan task of redefining what it means to build a sustainable business.
“The Great Outdoors favors only the bold, and rewards only the brave.”
“Pan de sal is the bread of our history, at the core of our culture, at the heart of our tastes.”
What draws someone into a craft, and what keeps them in it? An exploration of craft-making skills leads to picking up a few lessons from three modern-day artists.
A walk through Taal Heritage Town tells us more about the heroes of the Philippine revolution, and the people preserving their legacy.
The choice to go organic is about more than meeting consumer demand. As it turns out, what’s good for us is good for our local farmers, as well.
The freediving communities in Anilao, Cebu, and Panglao reveal the growing popularity of a sport that is as extreme as it is beautiful.
Despite the immovable forces of commercial beer, the craft brewers are still here. GRID takes the Ford Everest on a trip up north to La Union, down to the bottom of a beer mug.
Podcasts have swiftly cemented themselves as the new radio. Here are some of our favorites to tune into, from talk shows to stories of true crime.
Artist Leeroy New and urban planner Julia Nebrija talk about their newest collaboration, the ongoing fight for public spaces, and the growing importance of public art.
Carlo Huerta Echegaray, head chef of Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort, shares his experience as a Peruvian chef in the Philippines and what it means to connect our cultures through food.
A resilient group called the River Warriors are fighting to protect the fragile waterways of Metro Manila, in hopes that its polluted state can be restored to their former glory.
A walking tour of Manila reminds us of the true beauty of the country’s neglected capital.
A return to the mystical island of Siquijor gives a second look at the magic found in the plants, the land, and the folk practices that have endured through centuries.
There’s more to Philippine cinema than your average formula film. Next-generation filmmaker Mikhail Red recalls how he started out in the industry, and what it’s taught him about navigating a career in film.
With centuries-old crafts at the core of their identity, the Ifugao town of Kiangan is fighting to preserve its heritage in the face of modern innovation.
Traveling is about more than just the places you visit, as cinematographer and director Ice Idanan has come to learn while working on the acclaimed road film Sakaling Hindi Makarating.
Once famed as the Unbroken Salt of Albur, Bohol’s Asin Tibuok stands today on the brink of extinction. Amidst fire, water, and ash, the last of its makers fight to keep their traditions alive.
What happens when you travel for a living? Lexter Tarriela of TBA Studios talks about working on two of the biggest productions in Philippine cinema.
After setting foot at the highest peaks of the world—from the summit of Kilimanjaro to the pinnacle of Everest—there are no greater heights for mountaineer Carina Dayondon to conquer.
In a country crazed by milk tea, local tea master Renee Sebastian is on the hunt for a tea culture we can truly call our own.
Who knew Guimaras was ripe to become the country’s next mountain-biking mecca?
The world of off-roading, camping, and the great outdoors from the backseat of a Toyota Hilux.
ANi (The Harvest) offers a bold and practical take on local science fiction.
Some people have been waiting for a near-decade for the slow, sleepy town of San Vicente to catch up to the Palawan tourism boom. Mayi Picazo, and his Urals, aren’t waiting any longer.
Metro Manila Pride is many things, made up of many faces.
Aboard the latest Lexus UX, Team GRID takes a trip down to the southernmost tip of Luzon and finds comfort and luxury in designs made one with nature.
An exploration of rice has led Michelle V. Ayuyao to dive deep into its rich history, before uncovering just how much value falls upon a single grain of rice.
Amid the Marawi conflict, Chiara de Castro meets with the artisans and culture bearers of Lanao del Sur, seeking to understand how cultural identity endures war and displacement.
A datu goes to his hometown with food history on his mind, and returns with more.
Millions of pounds of food continue to go to waste, often due to their physical appearance. But why should looks be so important for food that’s valued for its nutrition?
In a country that endures a constant and oppressive humidity, a proper iced dessert is salvation. Enter the halo-halo, supreme leader of Filipino desserts.
The story of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution begins and ends with a group of wrestling fans.
Do it right, and your coffee can alleviate poverty, create strong relationships with immigrant communities, and safeguard the country from hunger.
The world is more water than it is land. There are men who answer the call of that 71 percent of the earth, getting to know the world’s oceans in the most pure, most extreme way possible.
You’ll find no flowers or saints here at the Masbate Rodeo; just a celebration of the rough, dusty, and honest life of the Filipino Cowboy.
Waves for Water Philippines is bucking old notions of the NGO and volunteer experience, one filter at a time.
Pearl farming is not a business for the faint of heart; this is a business for adventurers, for explorers, for those who understand that nature always wins.
A critical look at the evolution of Philippine national symbols.
From the very beginning, our history, our language, our land, and our personal stories have defied expectations. It’s time we celebrated our multitude of voices and, yes, identities.
What sets one gallery apart from the others? As creative agency and gallery Tarzeer Pictures launches its sophomore exhibition—we set out to find out.
Tribute Freediver depicts the story of national freediving record-holder Martin Zapanta, and how conquering his fears propelled a passion for photographing the deep blue on a single breath.
Escuela Taller is teaching Filipinos in construction and conservation—for our country's most precious heritage sites.
JP talks to us about the Cordillera Mountain Ultra, the importance of strengthening communities, and keeping it wild.
The UP Mountaineers have become far larger, more influential, and more enduring than its founders could ever have foreseen.
On her first visit to the Philippines for global non-profit Oceana, the filmmaker and conservationist talked to us about being a child of the ocean.
On the tough trail of the Cordillera mountain marathon, you can either break a leg or learn how to grow a conscience.
In 1994, a worldwide effort saved Danjugan Island from environmental ruin. Years later, it's become a paradise on earth.
Notes by producer Francisco Guerrero on the GRID Expedition, Day 1. The first day was all about waking up early...
What do you do when extreme weather has become the new norm?
The mythical city of Biringan is unlike any other, and the only way to find it is to get lost.