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Jul 13

In Dumaguete city, locals stand in defense of marine protected areas

Experts say the project will be devastating for the city’s marine protected areas.

Jul 1

At Masungi Georeserve, local officials joined park rangers' call against deforestation

On World Rainforest Day, the Masungi Georeserve team set off to show everyone why we need to take care of our forests.

Jun 29

Kalinga’s Grace Palicas returns for more Manila tattoo sessions

The new-generation mambabatok is holding batok sessions across Metro Manila.

Blackwater diving offers a glimpse of the world beneath the surface.
On National Heroes Day, we take a closer look at those we call heroes and why, with the help of Filipino historians.
A walking tour of Manila reminds us of the true beauty of the country’s neglected capital.


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From the very beginning, our history, our language, our land, and our personal stories have defied expectations. It’s time we celebrated our multitude of voices and, yes, identities.
A datu goes to his hometown with food history on his mind, and returns with more.
Catching fish had always come easy in Bantayan Island, once hailed the Fishing Capital of the Visayas. Until one day, it wasn’t.
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Some dishes just taste like home. Unearthing a family recipe for pancit molo has writer Denise Gonsalves thinking about her hometown in Iloilo.
Baguio City was the first in the country to reopen its doors to travelers. Months later, the locals still lean on each other for support, as they never know how long those doors will stay open.
Dave de Vera has been working with indigenous communities for over 30 years; and he vividly remembers his role in the landmark legal victory that gave the Tagbanwa of Coron their home back, from ridge to reef.