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The Magical Properties of Taho


One taste of this quintessential Filipino snack can make a bad day a good one. What's in a cup of taho that makes it so magical?

Story and Art by

Isabela Ferrer

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Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling

Open window with the taho man's call
The Taho man walking by the gates of houses in the morning
The taho man walks to their house

Contents of the Filipino Taho snack, silken tofu, arnibal (caramelized sugar) and sago (mini tapioca pearls), traced back to the Chinese traders and Malays who passed it on to Filipinos

A bowl of taho, a staple for their neighborhood
The Taho man, with his large cans of taho ingredients, asks for each family member's preference

How each of Isabel's family likes their Taho, some with more tofu, arniball or sago

How Kuya Larry, their Taho man, assembles their taho

Family table with bowls of taho

Description of Taho traced back to Chinese kings as an elixir of immortality

Isabela, the writer and illustrator, looks back at the taho experience as an anchor to her childhood and home

A dedication to their Taho man, Kuya Larry