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The Litas break motorbike stereotypes and show us how they ride.

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Regine David
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What comes to mind when we think of motorcycle groups? It would likely involve some variation of leather-jacketed men on hulking bikes, taking to the open road in a v-formation. But for The Litas Manila, a group of female motoheads who banded together in the middle of 2017, upending this machismo imagery is besides the point. It’s not so much about proving that women can ride just as hard as much as it is about providing a space for women to explore the culture at their own pace. There are no speed contests here.

This nurturing environment is a hallmark of The Litas, a global network of female riders founded in 2015. Since then, it has spawned chapters in 22 countries, in over 160 cities. In Manila, chapter founders Erika Fernandez, Gaki Azurin, and Carol Karthe, along with their first initiate, Clarissa Tiglao, were pleased to find plenty of enthusiasts eager for a sense of community. This inclusive group, comprised of veterans and newbies who ride bikes of all makes and sizes, reminds us why it’s so awesome to be around fellow women. And if they look good while doing it, well, who can blame them?


Ducati Scrambler
Urban Enduro

Carol, a boating enthusiast and polo player (among other things), has logged the most miles on the road, having ridden motorcycles for over 20 years. The adventuress has ridden through Europe and New Zealand, and is set to undertake a month-long ride through Australia this December.


Kawasaki W800

A familiar face to the magazine, Clarissa (or Conch) is GRID's former managing editor. She was part of the core team that organized this year’s DGR Manila. A newbie to the scene, Conch just received her riding license this January. The farthest she’s gone on her bike is Tagaytay.


Yamaha DT 100 1979

Apart from heading her her own advertising firm, Erika is a martial artist whose advocacy is to train women in different forms of self defense and martial arts. The most mechanically savvy of The Litas, she bought her DT 100 secondhand two years ago and fixed it up under the guidance of Todee Teodoro from Kratos Custom Cycles.


Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer

Perhaps the most high-profile member of the group, Gaki Azurin is a moto-vlogger with over a million views on her Youtube channel GakiMoto. If she’s not roaming Manila, she’s either doubling as a personal fitness trainer or as the drummer for local punk band Flying Ipis.


This story was originally published in GRID Volume 04.