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The world of off-roading, camping, and the great outdoors from the backseat of a Toyota Hilux.

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Francisco Guerrero
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Miguel Nacianceno
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This wasn’t quite how I pictured day three at the office. I walked into GRID a wide-eyed newbie, on a Tuesday morning, straight into my editors telling me I was tagging along with a group of off-roaders and going camping on Thursday. I nodded along as I received my instructions, hoping the fresh wave of panic I felt at that moment wasn’t so glaringly obvious.

For us non-enthusiasts, the off-roading community doesn’t have the shiniest reputation; the immediate images that come to mind being groups of tough guys driving hulking jeeps, racing each other on dirt roads, and barely avoiding imminent crashes. It’s safe to say the idea of doing any of this first-hand had me feeling a little out of my depth, but I approached the experience like a kid in a new school: curious, excited, and only mildly afraid of what was to come.

AcCamper on the Toyota Hilux overlooking Tanay mountain range
The Toyota Hilux wading through water in the sunset

Our four-person team met up in Antipolo with Wendy Ang and Tina Bascon, the owners of WK Forest Reserve and Campground who, over breakfast, briefed us on what to expect. For Ang and Bascon, off-roading and camping are a social affair, so they invite a group of their friends to come with them whenever they decide to make the drive. We introduced ourselves to the rest of the crew; an easy-going group of guys, pretty much of all ages. They didn’t seem to mind that we were complete strangers tagging along on their drive, though it took all of 10 seconds for them to act as though we’d known them all for years. A few minutes later, we were back on the road. Our convoy tore through the remainder of the highway until the roads tapered off, and we headed into the trees.


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