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Klea Gonzales

GRID Editorial Assistant

Klea likes to call herself an amateur writer who is lucky enough to string words together for a living. She holds a Journalism degree from the University of the Philippines, where she spent most of her time writing (and yelling) about various sports. She likes getting lost in big cities, having long conversations, and going on Wikipedia expeditions at 1 A.M.

Across Still Waters

Philippine rowing is finally on the come up, thanks to a passionate community who are steering the sport in the right direction.

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Back to Boracay

After months of quiet, the beautiful shores of Boracay are, once again, open to travelers. But the road to recovery will need more than a tourism boost.

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30 Mins. With Bayani Generoso

Filipino Sign Language has existed for hundreds of years. Now, thanks to the local Deaf community, it's finally being recognized.

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In the Light of the Garden

In a small coastal town in Western Visayas, two people take on the gargantuan task of redefining what it means to build a sustainable business.

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30 Mins. With Leeroy New & Julia Nebrija

Artist Leeroy New and urban planner Julia Nebrija talk about their newest collaboration, the ongoing fight for public spaces, and the growing importance of public art.

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In Defiance of the Indie Film

There’s more to Philippine cinema than your average formula film. Next-generation filmmaker Mikhail Red recalls how he started out in the industry, and what it’s taught him about navigating a career in film.

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Journeying Through the Islands

Traveling is about more than just the places you visit, as cinematographer and director Ice Idanan has come to learn while working on the acclaimed road film Sakaling Hindi Makarating.

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Thunder Road

The world of off-roading, camping, and the great outdoors from the backseat of a Toyota Hilux.

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