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Francisco Guerrero

GRID Co-founder, Executive Editor

Francisco, or Paco, Guerrero is the Executive Editor at GRID. He isn't just a stellar photographer. He holds a degree in Anthropology and Communications from Goldsmiths College, London. He has been shooting travel and lifestyle images for a number of international clients while based in Spain and the Philippines. And as it turns out, this seemingly Spanish-bred Tito also possesses a surprising familiarity with Feng Shui—so much so that he is responsible for a recent overhaul in the GRID office. Thanks for the good juju, Paco.

Back to El Nido

As tourism slowly returns, we take a long hard look at El Nido and ask: What does the future of travel look like for the world’s best island? 

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Back to Boracay

After months of quiet, the beautiful shores of Boracay are, once again, open to travelers. But the road to recovery will need more than a tourism boost.

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Thunder Road

The world of off-roading, camping, and the great outdoors from the backseat of a Toyota Hilux.

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The Mysteries of Being Filipino

From the very beginning, our history, our language, our land, and our personal stories have defied expectations. It’s time we celebrated our multitude of voices and, yes, identities.

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