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An art gallery and a co-working space team up for this art installation

Who doesn’t want to work in an office filled with art?

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With most of the local art scene going digital over the last year, a handful of artists and galleries are still finding new ways to showcase their art up close. Over in Mandaluyong City, contemporary art gallery Modeka Art and co-working space KMC Solutions have teamed up to bring more art into the workplace.

Their newest pop-up exhibit, aptly titled “Defy Limits Art,” aims to take art out of its traditional setting and closer to new audiences. Until August 14, works from 22 contemporary artists will be on display around the KMC workspace in Podium West Tower for co-workers and guests to view.

By showcasing art in office spaces, the exhibit hopes to encourage creativity and productivity among co-workers, and help improve their mental well-being.

“There have been many studies showing how workplace design and aesthetics can improve well-being,” said Gian Reyes of KMC Solutions. “We wanted to further enliven our workplaces with more art at a time people need it the most.”

Gary Ross Pastrana"Where Broken Parts Go VI”, 2020
Gary Ross Pastrana
"Where Broken Parts Go VI”, 2020

The design of our workspaces has never been more relevant than over the last year, with employees from around the world finding ways to create productive workspaces at home. Modeka Art’s Creative Director Riccardo Corsini hopes the collaboration can encourage a wider audience to experience and collect art for themselves.

“Even during the pandemic, there’s opportunities to expand the audience for art,” he said. “An example is how people are spending more time working from home... so they invest in beautifying their spaces, making it more pleasant and conducive [for work].”

Defy Limits Art is open until August 14 at the 26th and 27th floors of Podium West Tower. All guests will be required to observe strict health and safety protocols while visiting the exhibit and the KMC co-working space. Schedule a visit through their website.