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Our Year Without Travel

This is our 2020 reading list, featuring the people and places we can’t wait to see again, after a year indoors.

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Tribute Freediver: Martin Zapanta

Tribute Freediver depicts the story of national freediving record-holder Martin Zapanta, and how conquering his fears propelled a passion for photographing the deep blue on a single breath.

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Horror Stories from the Field

From the supernatural to the extraordinarily bad, anything can happen on assignment.

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The U.P. Mountaineers

The UP Mountaineers have become far larger, more influential, and more enduring than its founders could ever have foreseen.

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Philippine Heroes 101: Recommended Reads

Books, essays, and critiques about our national heroes, curated and recommended by Filipino historians.

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6 Filipino Historians Talk National Heroes

On National Heroes Day, we take a closer look at those we call heroes and why, with the help of Filipino historians.

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Catching Up With Old Friends

The hello’s and how-are-you’s: we check in with our partners to see what they’ve been up to.

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It's a Strange Time to be a Travel Magazine

The last few weeks have asked to re-evaluate the ways in which we live, and take stock of what truly matters.

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