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Fresh from our team of top-notch videographers, our online video and film content are designed to take a deeper look into the stories that we tell, because there’s only so much you can fit in a magazine.

GRID x Anilao Shootout 2021

The 7th Anilao Underwater Shootout brought some of the best underwater photographers together for five days of diving and exploring Anilao’s vibrant marine life. Here’s a quick look at what happened during this year’s competition, and what this event

GRID Expedition

Chapter 2: Apo Island

What happens when a community bands together to save its resources?
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GRID Expedition

Chapter 4: Generations

In this final chapter of the Grid Expedition II, our team and community leaders emphasize that the success of this project hinges on stakeholders to pass this stream of knowledge to the next generation.
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GRID Expedition

Chapter 3: Beyond The Science

One of the challenges for scientists working in conservation is translating studies and data into actionable policies. How do we make communities a participant in marine conservation?
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GRID Eats | Jordy Navarra

Amidst the relentless beat of Toyo Eatery's daily prep, Chef Jordy Navarra takes us through one of his ongoing experiments, a closer look at the humble bird using the simplest of local dishes, grilled chicken.
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The Reveal of GRID Volume 1

We’ve come to realize that we’ve outgrown the traditional magazine format, and that we ought to fashion ourselves so that our physical form matches the stories we want to tell.
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Sorsogon: Design By Nature

There's something about Sorsogon. This land of plenty has always been in the shadow of Albay, and even its own town, Donsol, which has exploded in popularity for its whale sharks.
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