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AHA Learning Center launches the Scholarshop

AHA Learning Center’s newest initiative aims to help keep kids in school.

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Earlier this year, local non-profit AHA Learning Center had to close up its physical community center and move its learning platforms online. Now, as part of its mission to make education more accessible, they’ve launched the Scholarshop, an online fundraising platform to benefit Filipino public school students in need.

Functioning like an online store, the Scholarshop allows sponsors to “purchase” a number of different supplies to donate to those in need of assistance. In time for the holiday season, individuals can also send Scholarshop gift cards or make donations on behalf of friends and family.

The initiative follows the AHA Learning Center’s ongoing mission helping transform at-risk communities by keeping kids in school.

“One thing we’ve realized after doing this for the last few months is that we aren’t just providing accessible education, but we’re [helping] provide hope,” said Claire Linatoc from the AHA Learning Center. “You aren’t just giving [kids] a chance to learn, but you’re also reminding them that you can still hope and dream of a better future, and that change is still possible.”

AHA Learning Center's scholarship initiative information graphic
Artwork courtesy of AHA Learning Center.

The Scholarshop aims to raise a total of P2.25 million, to be divided among load allowance and school supplies (P1.5 million), study-ready laptops (P500 thousand), and Christmas baskets (P250 thousand).

Visit ahalearningcenter.com/scholarshop or AHA Learning Center on Facebook to learn more.


In support of its goal of helping provide quality and accessible education for all, GRID Magazine has committed half of all sales from GRID Volume 09 to the AHA Learning Center. Read about our partnership here.

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