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Kristine Fonacier

GRID Co-founder, Editor-at-Large

Kristine Fonacier is the co-founder and Editor-at-Large at GRID. She is a widely published magazine writer and editor, whose byline is often found 30,000 to 40,000 feet above sea level, while the author herself likes to be found at least 60 feet underwater. She lives in Metro Manila, and currently owns 0 motorcycles.

Searching for Auntie Asthrine

Do it right, and your coffee can alleviate poverty, create strong relationships with immigrant communities, and safeguard the country from hunger.

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Water Breathers

The world is more water than it is land. There are men who answer the call of that 71 percent of the earth, getting to know the world’s oceans in the most pure, most extreme way possible.

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Treasure Island

Pearl farming is not a business for the faint of heart; this is a business for adventurers, for explorers, for those who understand that nature always wins.

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The Mysteries of Being Filipino

From the very beginning, our history, our language, our land, and our personal stories have defied expectations. It’s time we celebrated our multitude of voices and, yes, identities.

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A Man Called Horsefly & Other Stories From the Masbate Rodeo

You’ll find no flowers or saints here at the Masbate Rodeo; just a celebration of the rough, dusty, and honest life of the Filipino Cowboy.

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