Issue 01 | Love Letter to the Philippines
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Issue 01 | Love Letter to the Philippines

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Our maiden issue is a love letter to the Philippines. We jump right into the thick of things and ask the big question: what makes a place home?

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THE FIRST THING we want to make clear is this:

GRID is not a travel magazine.

Forgive us for starting with a negative, but we wanted to get that out of the way. And now we will proceed to the happier task of telling you what we are, and what we do.

GRID might not be a travel magazine in the usual sense, but it is a magazine for travelers.

Travelers don’t stop being travelers when they’re not traveling, any more than readers stop being readers when they don’t have a book in front of them. Being a traveler is a philosophy, a way of thinking and perceiving. We serve travelers no matter where they are—on the road, at home, and everywhere in between.

GRID believes that travel is about the experience, not just the destinations.

We’re here to share some of the best experiences that the world has to offer, through the eyes of talented writers, photographers, and other artists. We aim to give honor and do justice to the experience by aiming for the highest standards, in the hope that our work will lead our readers to undertake their own adventures.

GRID is a love letter to the Philippines.

We love our country, and as happens with all great loves, we want to know the object of our love and all its secrets, its hopes and dreams, its difficulties and struggles. We want to know its entire story, and we want to be part of it.

GRID champions the creative industry.

As much as this magazine is about the world outside and our experiences of it, it is also about the people who bring these experiences to life. Our ambition is to lead the way in creating a fair and equitable marketplace for creative work, to ensure that the enormous pool of talent continues to work and grow. When writers, photographers, and other artists are able to produce great work, we believe that we are all the richer for it.

GRID invites you to be part of this great adventure.

We want to share our stories with readers who are curious, responsive, and passionate— these are the same people who love to explore and change the world. If that’s you, we’d love for you to be part of all our adventures.

Ready? Let’s ride.

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