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2022 Overland Expedition Hits the Road with Motolite

The country’s biggest off-road challenge is finally here. Through hell and high water, Motolite is proving it’s status as the nation’s most trusted car battery.

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Today, the country’s toughest off-road drivers will be battling it out head to head in the 2022 Petron Overland Expedition. The competition will be stacked, but the ultimate challenge for this year’s drivers will be Mother Nature herself.

The 4-day, 285-kilometer journey will begin in San Fernando, Pampanga, then pass through Nueva Ecija and the Aurora, and end in Gen. Nakar, Quezon. In this course, the drivers will be going through the Dingalan Trail and the Umiray River Crossing — both are scenic paths that are also notorious for being difficult to pass whether on foot or by car. The route will take the racers through stretches of asphalt, mud, gravel, and river crossings that will test the capabilities of each driver and the strength of the vehicles they’ll be bringing into the competition.

Needless to say, this expedition is no joke — which is why support is needed for the rigs on all fronts. For this race, Motolite is supporting the Overland community by providing their batteries specifically built for extreme road conditions. The racing teams will be able to test out the Excel EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery). It performs well on ordinary roads, but it was also designed to withstand scorching temperatures, heavy impact, and just about anything that Mother Nature can throw at these vehicles.

The trials don’t stop at the challenging terrain. Standing in the way of the grand prize are Timed Stages and Team Tasks that will award teams points that factor in their final ranking in the race. These tasks include a Night Driving challenge, a Jungle Survival challenge, and other tests that evaluate each team’s physical fitness, equipment knowledge, and technical driving skills.

What awaits at the end of this high-stakes adventure is a sweet reward that makes all the risk worth it. For this year’s Overland Expedition, the Champion will be winning Php 500,000; the 2nd placer will be receiving Php 200,000; and the third placer with Php 100,000.

The expedition is ongoing, so stay tuned to the Overland Philippines Facebook page for updates.


This article is made possible by Motolite Philippines. Visit motolite.com to learn more.

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