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This year’s Earth Hour calls Filipinos to vote for the environment’s future

Ahead of the national elections, Earth Hour 2022 urges Filipinos to vote for leaders for sustainability.

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As a climate-vulnerable nation, the Philippines has endured typhoons, floods, droughts, and extreme weather events made more intense by the environmental crisis. The calamities pose a constant threat to the country’s food security and economic stability—and amplified by COVID-19, this grim reality threatens the well-being of millions of Filipinos.

Yet the narrative that persists is that of Filipino resilience, a harmful glorification that allows governments and companies to proceed with their business as usual while the most vulnerable communities take the brunt of the consequences.

Happening this March 26, Earth Hour reminds us that it’s about time we’ve returned the agency taken from us over our future, as we switch off our lights in solidarity with the planet.

Earth Hour is a grassroots environmental movement, spearheaded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in alliance with governments, organizations, and institutions around the world. Rather than an exercise in carbon reduction, the annual event calls on everyone around the world to switch off all non-essential lights for one hour, symbolizing a switch from our inaction for a broader call to action: that everyone has a part to play to help build an equitable, nature-positive and net-zero carbon future.

This year, Earth Hour Philippines kicks off at 7:30PM with a Countdown to Earth Hour roundtable discussion, hosted by WWF ambassadors Marc Nelson and Pia Wurtzbach. Ahead of the 2022 national elections, the roundtable will focus on defining environmental issues and legislation to empower voters with the knowledge to choose leaders that will take actions towards nationwide sustainability. The line-up of guests include members of the Green Thumb Coalition, farmers and fisherfolk, and on-the-ground environmental workers.

WWF will also be hosting an Earth Hour Virtual Run from March 26 to April 22, a self-paced marathon that aims to promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Earth Hour Philippines 2022 will be on March 26, from 8:30PM to 9:30PM. Follow WWF-Philippines on social media for updates and related events.

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