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Support Bicolano fishermen through Fleet of Hope

In the wake of the storm, a local food brand is helping rebuild Bicol one boat at a time.

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It’s been two weeks since a series of super typhoons battered the Philippines, but many Filipinos are still left reeling from its effects. Along coastal areas in Luzon, many fishermen have also lost a vital source of livelihood—their boats damaged or destroyed by the onslaught of the typhoons.

To help these fishermen, Bicolano food brand Que Rica started Fleet of Hope, a livelihood rehabilitation and recovery program that aims to provide motorized boats to affected communities in Bicol.

“We wanted to go beyond relief operations, and look for ways to help these communities recover and start rehabilitating their sources of income,” said Rica Buenaflor of Que Rica. As fishing communities will only need boats to resume their livelihood, they decided to focus their recovery efforts there.

“One motorized boat [can be] shared by two or three families, so the sense of community and impact on livelihood becomes a more cooperative effort. We’re hoping Fleet of Hope can help them jumpstart economic recovery.”

Photo from Que Rica's previous typhoon relief initiative in Bicol, 2006.

Fleet of Hope is currently accepting donations of any amount through their social media channels. Businesses and corporations who are able are also encouraged to sponsor boats entirely.

The initiative aims to provide 100 boats by the end of the year, and has partnered with local on-ground organizations like A-PAD Philippines to distribute them to the communities most urgently in need of help.

Over the last week, Que Rica has also partnered with Hayag PH to raise funds and distribute aid to over 1,000 families in the Bicol region.

If you’d like to donate or learn more about the project, please contact Fleet of Hope on Facebook or Instagram.

Que Rica and Hayag PH have partnered to deliver relief to affected communities in Bicol. Photo courtesy of Tisha Colibao.