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Small local businesses can find a new home in Escolta

The latest initiative from 98B COLLABoratory aims to help boost the morale of creative businesses.

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After a rough year, many small and local businesses are looking for new ways to help each other navigate through the next few months. In response, the artist-run space 98B COLLABoratory is launching Bahay-Bahayan, a new initiative that aims to help small businesses bounce back.

For three months, local creative businesses can sell their merchandise at the HUB: Make Lab, located on the ground floor of the First United Building in Escolta. Interested merchants can also apply to be a part of the HUB’s e-commerce platform.

The first cycle of Bahay-Bahayan runs from February 12 to May 09.

Pre-pandemic: 98B's Future Market at the HUB. Photo by Edward Ang
Pre-pandemic: 98B's Future Market at the HUB. Photo by Edward Ang

The initiative is a partnership between 98B COLLABoratory and HUB: Make Lab, and it aims to nurture a generous community of artists, creatives, and business-owners that can support and uplift one another.

“As if we’re a family trying to re-establish once again a small comforting home in Escolta, we believe that our survival and growth is only possible if they’re sustained by our community’s solidarity,” 98B said in a statement.

Applications for Bahay-Bahayan are still ongoing. Visit www.bit.ly/Bahay1-2021 to sign up, or read more about the space here: www.bit.ly/Bahay2021Kit.