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Prints by GRID photographers at Print Jam 2020

Sonny Thakur and Paco Guerrero are joining Shelter Fund’s latest print sale.

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Shelter Fund is back with Print Jam 2020—a two-week photography and art sale to help support the local creative industry. Discover and get your own signed prints from over 200 artists, including GRID’s very own Paco Guerrero and Sonny Thakur.

GRID’s own Paco Guerrero and Sonny Thakur are taking part in Shelter Fund’s Print Jam 2020—a two-week photography and art sale to help support local creatives. Get your own original signed prints starting November 7.

When the Philippines enforced a nationwide lockdown earlier this year, the creative industry was among those who were heavily affected but rarely given much thought. As the effects of the pandemic continue to take its toll, the artists’ initiative Shelter Fund is launching Print Jam 2020, a two-week photography and art sale to support local creatives.

Featuring the works of over 200 photographers, artists, and illustrators—including GRID’s Executive Editor Paco Guerrero and Photo Editor Sonny Thakur—Print Jam 2020 aims to give local visual artists an avenue to showcase their work and earn an alternative, risk-free income. In partnership with Silver by Shutterspace Studios, the sale also hopes to support and promote high-quality photo and art prints.

Photo by Paco Guerrero
Photo by Paco Guerrero
Photo by Paco Guerrero

Originally established in May 2020, the Shelter Fund is a collective fundraising initiative by and for photographers and visual artists. Their two previous print sales have benefitted over 300 local creatives to date.

“I am incredibly honored to be part of this new print sale with Silver, surrounded by photographers I deeply respect,” said Paco. “I hope that this gives images a broader audience and helps photographers to keep creating.”

Photo by Sonny Thakur

“The Shelter Fund and Print Jam 2020 [are making] fine art photography simple and accessible by introducing the market to photo prints,” said Sonny. “It’s a great way for [us artists] to get their names out there again, as well as push me to create new work for print.”

Print Jam 2020 will run exclusively online from November 7 to 20, 2020. All prints are produced using archival-grade materials and come with framing options. Follow @shelterfund on Instagram and visit shelterfund.ph to learn more.