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Donate vegetables to a community pantry through Gising Gising

Gising Gising offers pantry packs that you can send to the community of your choice.

Story by
Ana Amistad

As more pockets of community pantries appear throughout the country, acts of kindness continue to spread and various donation channels have opened, asking particularly for donations in kind.

Gising Gising, an online fruit and vegetable store that sources straight from Filipino farmers, is now offering community pantry packs that may be bought online and distributed to your community of choice.

As of the moment, they only deliver within Metro Manila.

Gising Gising was founded on the mission to fight food insecurity. Grounded in the belief that everyone must have reliable access to nutritious food, the company executes a one-for-one business model, which means for every fresh produce box sold, another box is given to a family in need (at no extra cost!).

photos courtesy of TJ Malvar and Gising Gising

Gising Gising’s supply chain starts and ends with the underserved; by sourcing their produce from smallholder farmers, they help ensure that poor families not only have enough to eat, but also receive adequate nutrition. Food becomes more than a means of sustenance, it is substance. The dynamics behind their brand prove that seemingly lofty aspirations, when brought down to the grassroots level, can be possible.

“What has to happen is that those who have more share with those who have less. Food security can only be achieved through that,” says TJ Malvar, co-founder of Gising Gising. “The reality is that there is enough food in the world but distribution is not equitable.”

Their community pantry packs are priced at 200, 350, and 1000 pesos. Each pack contains at least 5kg of any the following:

Customers are also able to choose which partner pantry your donation is given to. Gising Gising has partnered with 17 community pantries around Metro Manila: Project 8, Tunasan, Loyola Heights, Pio del Pilar, Tatalon, P Noval, Makati, San Roque, San Dionisio, Pasig, Batasan Hills, BFRV Las Piñas, Binangonan, Payatas, Taytay, UP Bliss, and Sta. Ana.

Purchase community pantry packs and learn more about the initiative through the Gising Gising website.