Digital Collection

The Outliers

From athletes overcoming summits and seas to conservationists guarding our national heritage, here are the modern odysseys of Filipinos approaching the limits of what is possible.


If the premise is that travel is dictated by a destination, then this collection marks a departure by people. What began as a search for fellow adventurers transpired in narratives that took place far and wide across the globe, too great to be contained by a single locale.

From the surfing brothers of La Union to a horsewoman in Mongolia, from sailors crossing blue seas to a scientist and a culinary archivist conserving our national heritage—each profile depicts a modern odyssey we sought to bring home to you, reader.

While many of these tales echo the refrain of being the first Filipino to push their field to such depths, in lieu of a celebration of individual triumphs, they capture a collective journey towards broadening the country's horizons. After coming home from Ulaanbataar, Solana Perez hopes that rather than being the first Filipino to do the Mongol Derby, she will be one of many: "I hope I did it in a way that they feel like it's possible too.” This collection is a call to all to break from preconceived limits.

The road is long but the path’s been broken in. We hope to see you out there, travelers.