Tanduay Cocktail Culture: Palawan

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The serene island of Palawan is teeming with hidden wonders and breathtaking adventures. Home to hundreds of different plant and animal species, beaches, caves, lagoons, islands, lakes, reefs, an underground river, and even a safari, there is an endless array of natural phenomena for you to discover. So, take a few moments in between to slow down and take it all in while moving to the relaxed rhythms of the Philippines’ last frontier.

For his next drink in this series, mixologist Dondz Bolante weaves his way through the island to harness its famed crop: the cashew nut. The Palawan Crunch is a creamy and fruity tipple, topped with a sprinkling of cashews for a distinct, nutty finish—full of character, just like the island itself. GRID x Tanduay: Cocktail Culture is a series following Dondz around the Philippines as he crafts cocktails inspired by its different regions.

Palawan Crunch

10pcs Cashews
30ml Lemon Juice
20ml Simple Syrup
30ml Egg White
50ml Tanduay Rhum

How To Mix:
Pour the lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, and Tanduay rhum into a shaker tin. Shake vigorously, add ice, then shake the mixture again. Strain the drink into a cocktail glass and rub the rim with lemon peel. Top with a sprinkling of crushed cashews.

Sip and enjoy!

Directed by: Aaron Palabyab
Production Design by: Nayna Katigbak
Produced by: Ada Laud
Edited by: Abby Alcanzare
Photography by: Sonny Thakur