Tanduay Cocktail Culture: Davao

  • Oct
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There’s more to Davao than just durian. This progressive city is quickly becoming the country’s cacao capital, supplying us with world-class single-origin chocolates and home to the country’s first chocolate museum. Other natural wonders abound: Mt Apo is nearby, looking as if it’s watching over the city, inviting you to climb its mighty peak. A more relaxing nature sojourn lies in the beautiful Samal Island, full of pristine beaches and natural wonders. Whichever part of Davao you choose, take it easy and appreciate—get to know the Davaoeños, our inspiration for this unique cocktail.

Mixologist Dondz Bolante’s next drink in this series is a fusion of Davao’s best: homegrown Malagos chocolate and durian. The Davaoeño is a sweet and comforting drink made creamier with fresh durian and milk. It’s almost cozy, reminiscent of the friendly locals and their pride for their city. Take a sip and see the city with this snug and tasty drink. GRID x Tanduay: Cocktail Culture is a series following Dondz around the Philippines as he crafts cocktails inspired by its different regions.

The Davaoeño

1 Knob Durian
30ml Fresh Milk
15ml Malagos Chocolate Syrup
10ml Simple Syrup
50ml Tanduay Rhum

How To Mix:
In a shaker tin, combine all the ingredients and top with large ice cubes. Cover the shaker and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour entire mixture into a glass and serve.

Sip and enjoy!

Directed by: Aaron Palabyab
Production Design by: Nayna Katigbak
Produced by: Ada Laud
Edited by: Abby Alcanzare
Photography by: Sonny Thakur