Tanduay Cocktail Culture: Cebu

  • Mar
  • 8

There’s nothing like coming back to a good ol’ tried and tested. It’s like meeting up with an old friend. Most everybody is privy to the Queen City of the South’s bounties—the mingling of pristine natural wonders with a creative urban spirit—and yet she remains full of surprises; a gem studded beauty with more tricks up her sleeve.

And so we set out to create a cocktail that can capture the island’s oomph. A refreshing drink characterized by the familiar sweetness of its mangoes coupled with a dash of chili—to remind you that the old gal’s still got a lot of kick left in her.

Cebu Mango Spice

Salt & Sugar
1 Chili
1 Dalandan
1 Mango
10ml Dalandan Juice
5ml Calamansi Juice
10ml Simple Syrup
60ml Tanduay Rhum
Cubed Ice
Dried Mango

How To Mix:
Crush a sliced chili with some sugar and salt. Wipe a sliced dalandan over the rim of a glass and line the rim with the sugar and salt mix. Muddle three mango slices. Combine 10ml of dalandan juice, 5ml of calamansi juice, 10 ml of simple syrup, and 60ml of Tanduay Rhum. Add ice and shake. Pour into the lined glass and garnish with dried mango.

Sip and enjoy!

Directed by: Carmen del Prado
Production Design by: Nayna Katigbak
Produced by: Ada Laud
Edited by: Abby Alcanzare
Photography by: Sonny Thakur