Brewing Change with Kalsada

  • Nov
  • 28

Photographs by Fruhlein Econar

Brewing Change

Drink well and do good. Carmel Laurino of Kalsada Coffee walks us through the use of an AeroPress to make a perfect cup of coffee.

There is a postcard of a turn-of-the century photo from Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market that shows a storefront for the Filipino Coffee Co., proudly selling “Batango Coffee” at 25 cents per pound. Half a century before Starbucks put up its ubiquitous stores in the Philippines, we were caffeinating Seattle and other parts of the world.

The image continues to inspire the people behind Kalsada in their mission to champion Philippine coffee by nurturing both the supply and the market for specialty-grade coffee, by supporting Filipino coffee farmers through fair trade, and by bringing their quality beans to international markets. The big idea behind all this is to encourage future generations of Filipino farmers—a dying breed, unfortunately—by making coffee a viable product once more.

Kalsada co-founder Carmel Laurino travels to different regions of the Philippines to talk and to train coffee farmers. And of course she always counts on being able to make the best brew for herself, whenever and wherever she might be. This is where the AeroPress comes in.


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This small device is a work of genius that allows hot water to be pressurized and forced through the coffee to draw out more flavor from the grounds. “I use AeroPress mostly for when I travel. It’s durable and portable and travels easily,” says Carmel. “I also like it because it’s versatile, and you can basically create many recipes, and use varying techniques to extract the best flavors out of the coffee. This recipe is based on using Kalsada Coffee’s Domisa Family beans.”

What you need:
• AeroPress
• paper aeropress filter
• burr grinder
• scale
• timer
• filtered water
• coffee!

17g coffee / 250g water / 85C water


1. This is the standard AeroPress brew method. Start by weighing out and grinding 17g of coffee (medium to fine grind size—think finer than sea salt, but coarser than table salt.) You can play around with grind size to best suit flavor extraction for the specific coffee you will be using.

2. Heat water to 85°C. Thoroughly rinse paper filter to get rid of paper flavor.

3. Place AeroPress and cup on scale. Remember to tare (zero) the scale, and pour the 17g of coffee into the AeroPress.

4. Start your timer, and quickly pour the water into the AeroPress until it reaches 30g.

5. “Bloom” the coffee for 30 seconds by letting the water soak into it.

6. Add the rest of the water (to 250g) in one minute. Place plunger on the aeropress, and let stand until 1:45 minutes.

7. Press down on the AeroPress in 15 seconds, for a total of 2 minutes brewing time.


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